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Leopard Yellow Camouflage Head Scarf
Leopard Yellow Camouflage Head Scarf
Pandana Multiplex Headwear

Leopard Yellow Camouflage Head Scarf

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Leopard Yellow Seamless Pandana Camouflage Tubular Head Scarf

Seamless stretch Microfiber multi-functional tube can be worn as a neck gaiter, face mask, headband or in many other ways.

Pandanas Ship Free!

Pandanas can be worn in a multitude of ways:
o  Neck Gaiter, Scarf, Ascot
o  Hair Scarf
o  Bandana
o  Cooling Wrap
o  Headband/Hairband
o  Only limited by the user's imagination

o  Ultimate Versatility (scroll down to watch our How to Wear Video)
o  Natural Warmth and Wind Protection
o  Cooling Summer Wrap (simply wet with water for maximum Evaporative Cooling)
o  Lightweight and Packable (fits in any pocket or bag)
o  Year-Round Functionality (works in all weather conditions)
o  One Size Fits All
o  High Resolution Digital Graphics for excellent branding
o  100% Seamless Polyester Microfiber
o  Double Layer SPF 50+
o  25 x 50 cm (diameter x length)

o  Machine wash cool with normal detergent
o  Hang Dry
o  Don't put in a hot dryer as the heat can damage the technical fibers

How To Wear Video:



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