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A Great Idea from Out of the Past.  In the Old West, Cowboys always had their trusty Bandana close at hand.  It helped protect them from Sun, Wind, Dust, Insects, & much more.  Fast forward more than 100 years, and our Multifunctional Pandanas do the job even better.  With today's most advanced technical fabrics and construction, Pandanas block more than 90% of the Sun's UV Rays, and work great as Thermal & Wind Protection as well as a Cooling Wrap (just dip in water for evaporative cooling).  

All Year Round Versatility.  Wear our Multifunctional Pandanas as a Facemask, Neck Gaiter, Bandana, Hat, Headband, Cooling Wrap, or in a multitude of other ways.  Light and Packable enough to keep in your pocket or bag until you need it, but Robust enough to make the difference when you're caught out in the elements.  They're perfect for Cycling, Hiking, Running, Fishing, Motorcycling, Skiing, Camping, Yoga, Horseback Riding, Gardening, Lawn & Tree Care, Construction, and almost any activity you can imagine. 

Perfect for the Whole Family.  Pandanas are the perfect Go-To item for busy Mom's-On-The-Go who need a versatile item to protect their kids from unpredictable weather.  Never leave home without one (or three). 

Lightweight Materials & Technical Construction.  Perfect when weight and space are at a premium.  Pandanas use our proprietary SST (Seamless Stretch Tube) Technology, and you can choose from Super Soft Microfiber or Genuine Certified Coolmax®.  They weigh in at only One Ounce and pack down to easily fit in a pocket or bag.

Custom Designs.  Let us help you represent your brand in style.  Vector HD Digital Graphics have ultra-vibrant colors that won't crack or peel.  Our high quality branded products add value to your brand, event, or organization.  All of our graphics are done in-house by Borda Design.  You can add your logos to any of the Standard Designs in our Seamless Collection or we can design a unique Custom Pandana with Your Own Graphics.  The minimum custom order is only 50 pieces, and they ship free in the USA.  Please contact us for a price quotation:

Pandana USA is based in Boulder, Colorado and we've been producing technical clothing & accessories for nearly 20 years.  Thanks for Visiting!

  • Trail Running custom tube balaclava and headbands
  • Motorcycle Facemask Tube Bandana Buff
  • Custom Buff Tube Bandana
  • Custom Tube Bandana for Bicycling
  • Fishing Custom Tubular Bandana Sun Protection Balaclava Hat
  • Skiing Neck Tube Scarf Headband Helmet Hat Buff

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To spread positive energy and connect with our customers through excellent service, mutual respect, and great products