Tech Info

Pandana Seamless Multifuntional Headwear is the evolution of protective apparel for Industry, Sport, and Leisure.  The optimum blend of form, function, material, and graphics make it the perfect solution for many different applications.

o  100% Microfiber Polyester (Genuine Seamless Pandanas)
o  Moisture Wicking
o  Breathable
o  Tubular Seamless Mechanical Stretch Construction with no added rubber or elastic
o  Permanent High Resolution Digitally Sublimated Graphics will not crack or peel
o  Soft and Comfortable Texture
o  Double Layer SPF 50+ (Test Results Available on Request)
o  Passes CPSC Flammability Standard 16 CFR Part 1610 (Test Results Available on Request)
o  25 x 50 cm (Diameter x Length) Standard
o  25 x 25 cm (Diameter x Length) Shorty

o  Ultimate Versatility (scroll down to watch our How to Wear Video)
o  Natural Warmth and Wind Protection
o  Cooling Summer Wrap (simply wet with water for maximum Evaporative Cooling)
o  Lightweight and Packable (fits in any pocket or bag)
o  Year-Round Functionality (works in all weather conditions)
o  One Size Fits All
o  High Resolution Digital Graphics for excellent branding

o  Neck Gaiter, Scarf, Ascot
o  Tactical Wrap
o  Helmet or Hardhat Liner
o  Dust Mask/Particle Barrier
o  Cooling Wrap
o  Headband/Hairband
o  Beanie
o  Tool Loop
o  Lens Cloth
o  Only limited by the user's imagination

o  100% Polyester Microfiber (seamless tubular construction)
o  Merino Wool/Polypropylene Blend (sewn tubular construction)
o  Thermal Stretch Fleece (sewn tubular construction)
o  Perforated Microfiber Polyester (sewn tubular construction)
o  SPF 50+ Stretch Fabric (sewn tubular construction)