Seamless Fabric Options


Pandana's seamless fabric selection is second to none, and any of our seamless materials offer the outstanding multi-functional versatility of our Standard Microfiber.  Any of our fabrics can be custom printed with your graphics and logos.  In addition, we can produce all of our seamless headwear (headliner hats, headbands, etc.) from any of the options listed below.

Standard Microfiber:  Our most reasonably priced option, Standard Microfiber is an excellent choice for many applications.  Lightweight, fast drying, and super soft next to your skin.  Standard Microfiber is always a solid choice.  This fabric blocks over 90% of the Sun's UV rays.

Recycled Microfiber:  This is our most environmentally friendly fabric.  Produced from recycled material, and with the same weight and feel, our Recycled Microfiber performs every bit as well as our Standard Microfiber.  We include a special logo printed on the Pandanas to signify this fabric.

AG Antibacterial Microfiber:  Specially treated yarn that protects against bacteria and microbial organisms.  Even after 25 wash cycles, testing shows that more than 90% of bacteria is eliminated (99% when the fabric is new).  Test results available on request.

Ultra UV Microfiber:  This continuous fiber yarn is designed to offer maximum UV protection with a UPF of 50+.  Ultra UV Microfiber has a silk-like feel and smooth surface which makes it perfect for ultra high definition printing and graphics.

Cooltech Quick-Dry Microfiber:  Produced from a continuous fiber yarn, this lightweight fabric has a smooth almost silk-like feel, and is designed to offer more effective evaporative cooling in warm weather.  This fabric also blocks more than 90% of the Sun's UV rays.

While these are our most popular options, we also offer seamless headwear made from:  Coolmax, Thermolite, and several other materials. 

Please contact us directly so we can discuss your specific needs and provide you with a price quotation.