Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Is Pandana USA an American Company? 

YES!  We are 100% American owned.  Pandana Headwear is a registered trade name of Curve Inc. which is a Colorado Corporation founded in 1995.

Our graphic design, product specification, customer service, and quality control functions are performed in Boulder, Colorado.

2)  Did you start selling Pandanas in response to the COVID 19 Global Pandemic?

NO!  The Pandana brand was founded in 2013, and we've been selling custom graphic seamless tube bandanas since that time.

3)  Are Pandanas made in the USA?

NO!  Pandanas are produced to our exacting specifications by our world class manufacturing partners overseas.  This allows us to offer the most innovative products at the best price possible with quick lead times.  Much like iconic American brands like Apple, Levi's, NorthFace, etc., we have long-term partnerships with foreign manufacturers.

Any other questions?

Please reach out and we're always happy to answer:

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